Sam Reinders

the-namesakes: The Cape Flats – a one time Apartheid dumping ground for non-Whites - is known for gangsterism, gaping social ills, poverty … and its love for all things soccer. Some of South African’s most famous players were born and bred here and the community is an avid fan of both local South African soccer teams as well as international leagues. The 1994 Soccer World Cup in particular was a highlight and many families named their sons after their favorite soccer players of the time. The antics of Ronaldo, Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho live on today in the names of youngsters on the Flats. Today soccer pitches and other play areas in the community are littered with children bearing the names of players that did, and still do, grace international soccer pitches around the globe. Excitement for Africa’s first hosting opportunity of the FIFA Soccer World Cup flooded the Cape Flats and only time will tell whether a few years from now day care centers in the area will blossoming with names of this years World Cup upcoming stars. Andre Arendse, 13, from Mannenburg on the Cape Flats is named after one of South Africa’s best goalkeepers. Besides an impressive history for local teams, Arendse also played for Fulham United and is a sports presenter on South African television. Already possessing the surname Arendse, his parents decided to name him after the ex Bafana Bafana player in the hope that the famous goalkeeper would be a good role model for their son. Andre (junior) considers his namesake as “cool” and hopes to one day be as good as a goalkeeper as him. He currently plays for a local team, Idols.